Free 20 minute discovery call

1-1 packages

For clients with long term health conditions I recommend my 3 or 5 month package. We can narrow down which is most suited to you during a free 20 minute discovery call, and there is always flexibility to adapt where necessary.

3 months

1 x 90 minute initial consultation
2 x 45 minute follow up
3 x 20 minute calls


(£115 per month payment plan)

5 months

1 x 90 minute initial consultation
4 x 45 minute follow up
5 x 20 minute calls


(£100 per month payment plan)


Prior to your initial consultation I will send you a 7 day diet diary and questionnaire, which will include questions on your goals, current health (and symptoms if any), and your health history. This will help me best prepare for your consultation.

90 minute call

During the first part of the call we will talk through and prioritise your goals and evaluate how much of an impact they are having. We will then monitor them at your next appointments. We will also deep dive in to your symptoms and health history. This will enable me to put together a personalised and practical Nutrition plan with handouts. I may suggest supplements, only if necessary and always working to your budget.

In some instances, lab testing via your GP or a private clinic may be advised.

20 minute calls

After I have sent you your plan, we can catch up on the phone and I will answer any questions you might have.

45 minute follow up

This call will focus on your progress and new goals. We can discuss any parts of the plan that may have been a challenge to implement, and I will work with you to find a manageable solution. We will review supplements at each follow up and discontinue as appropriate.

I will then send you your updated nutrition plan and handouts.

High-quality scientific evidence shows that nutrition is crucial in supporting physical and mental health.

Nutrition review

The nutrition review is most suited to you if you don’t have any existing health conditions. Perfect if you are looking to improve your overall nutrition or want advice on how nutrition can support you preventatively.

1 x 60 minute appointment
1x 20 minute call to discuss the plan


Free 20 minute discovery call

Corporate services

I work with organisations to improve employee health and wellbeing through 1-1 consultations and talks.

Free 20 minute discovery call

The CIPD’s 2022 Health &Wellbeing At Work survey found that when businesses increased their focus on employee wellbeing, it resulted in:

Better employee engagement and morale.

Better work-life balance.

A healthier and more inclusive culture.

1-1 consultations

I visit your workplace every 4-6 weeks, which gives employees an opportunity to speak with a nutritionist in-person without having to travel.

Corporate talks with Q&A

At your workplace or via Zoom/Teams.
Talks include:

  • Nutrition and mental health: the gut-brain connection
  • Energy and performance: nutrition for demanding lifestyles
  • Women’s health: nutrition for peri-menopause and menopause
  • Nutrition to support cardiovascular health

Deloitte’s 2022 mental health research found that from 2020-21 there was:

An increase in presenteeism, comprising a £29 billion annual cost to businesses.

A £56 billion annual cost to employers due to their employees poor mental health

Covid-19 has highlighted and provided the opportunity to tackle stigma around mental health and wellbeing, however…

48% of workers said their workplace had not checked in on their mental health in 2022

This is a 25% increase since 2021.

(Source: Mental Health First Aid England Poll)